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    What am I going to do?

    So, how do you begin deciding what you are going to do in retirement?  Once you get past the
    business of cleaning out the closets, organizing the pictures, updating your will, etc. (useful and
    rewarding tasks certainly), you will probably be ready for more.

    The first step is to realize that retirement is an ongoing process of discovery, of trying new things
    or revisiting those you haven’t had time for in years.

    The second step is to become informed about the many opportunities and challenges that are
    waiting for you, hence the book: The Successful Retirement Guide.

    The third step is to try some of the activities described here and in the book. Ideally you’ll want to
    participate in a mix that will challenge you mentally and physically while enabling you to remain
    socially engaged and productive.

    The Guide provides more information about the book and includes excerpts, comments from
    reviewers, the index and information on how to obtain your copy.

    News and Views contains the author's comments on news and issues related to retirement,
    book reviews and links to interesting and useful topics on retirement living.

    Words of Wisdom contains expressions of common sense, insight and inspiration.
Men who try to do something and fail are
infinitely better than those who try to do
nothing and succeed.
                                     - Lloyd George
Successful Retirement Guide
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