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    The Successful Retirement Guide - the perfect retirement gift - is a book about learning,
    appreciating, growing, playing, making and giving back.  The reason for doing these things, beyond
    the simple enjoyment they may bring, is to help you stay intellectually, physically and socially

    People who study successful aging and retirement tell us that using our minds and bodies, and
    interacting with others are keys to a happy and healthy retirement life.  Yes, good genes and money
    help too, but we can’t pick our ancestors and our financial situation is whatever we have made it.
    And while many of the activities in this book may help keep you mentally and physically fit and
    some could even be a source of income, your health and finances in retirement are not focuses
    of this book.  The focus is on being engaged with life.

    The book reviews hundreds of ideas for engaging retirement activities in an educational and
    entertaining fashion and provides references to sources of additional information.  Following the
    introductory material it uses an alphabetical organizational format to present the ideas.   It can be
    read at length but it is also easy to read in short sittings.

    It is your life.  Live it fully!  Whether you are fully retired, partially so or preparing for the day you will
    be, it is important for you to think about and plan for what it is you will do to keep yourself intellectually,
    physically and socially engaged.  The Successful Retirement Guide will help you do it.

    The book  begins with “Acting” and ends with “Zen.”  There is a lot in between.  Enjoy!

    You can obtain The Successful Retirement Guide in early 2009 at fine book stores or by clicking on
    the following link to access your choice of on-line vendors including Amazon.

    What people are saying...

  •  "The beauty of retiree Price's book is its simplicity—one can pick a chapter and find a
      latent  interest that could be developed, from building a bird house to quitting smoking.
      Price gives the reader the opportunity to do that by providing the idea, the opportunity
      potential, and the resources for getting started. . . . it's an inspirational guide that will
      provoke people of all ages to engage in new ventures and discover what life can offer."

                                                                                   - Library Journal

  •    “If you want to make some smart choices about what to do during your retirement, this
        book is for you.  It succinctly describes a delicious menu of attractive alternatives in a
        fresh and useful way.”
                                                                                    - John S. Hammond, coauthor of Smart Choices: A  
                                                                                   Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions

  •    "Kevin Price has put together an extensive and thoughtful overview on how to leverage
        your past experience and combine it with your future aspirations so that you can take your
        life to another level. It is not really about retiring - it is a "how to" about rewiring your life so
        that it remains as or more meaningful than before."

                                                                    - Axel  Freudmann, Chief Human Resources Officer (Ret.),
  •    "For those who have the time, retirement can be a time of exploration of things we've
        always  wanted to do, as well as the discovery of things we never imagined.  This is the
        'handbook' for new adventures in life long learning."

                                                           - Mary Wilcox, Director, Greater Hartford RSVP

  •   " It comes as no surprise that we are living longer:  the average lifespan will soon be in
        the mid 80's!  But what does this mean to the average person?  Does he or she have
        ambitions  for 30 years post retirement from the workforce?

                              Kevin Price has put together a realistic yet creative guide to titillate even the most         
                              committed couch potato among us.  First, he rightly points out that it is a "job" to use
                              our cognitive, affective and physical capabilities lest we lose our stamina and the
                              continuity of life flow.  Even 90-somethings define their older years as a time of
                              connection and vitality.

                              Imagine candy making, becoming a Civil War expert, a clown or cosmologist!  Need
                              a hobby?  Ever think of rock gardening?  Genealogy? Geology?  How about kites,
                              knots? Politics or poetry or pottery?  Plant a tree to leave a legacy.

                              There is no question that this is the most creative overview of potential interests to
                              tweak your mind, body and spirit.  Each entry is researched and enticingly presented.
                              The author treats us to a short history of each activity or hobby (i.e., How chess was
                              invented), how to get involved, and a caveat or hint of the end result of our commitment
                              (under "coupon" collecting, for example, he warns the reader not to get carried away
                               with too many bargains that we don't really need.)

                             This book is about promises we make to ourselves--sometimes to revisit former
                              interests and sometimes to dreaming up new ones.  The book is well written,
                              delightfully presented and thoughtfully organized.  It fosters wonder and hope:  Price
                              captures its spirit when he writes, "I see myself as a work in progress."

                                                                         -  Mary Alice Wolf, Ed.D.
                                                                            Professor of Gerontology
                                                                            Director, Institute in Gerontology, Saint Joseph College

    Excerpts:  Here is a link to excerpts from The Successful Retirement Guide.  These excerpts
    change periodically and may from time to time include new material destined for future editions.

    Get the Guide:  The Successful Retirement Guide will be available in early 2009 at fine
    bookstores.  You can also click on the following link to access your choice of on-line vendors including
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Successful Retirement Guide
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